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Pallet Rack Accessories

Your One Stop Shopping for Pallet Rack Equipment & Storage Accessories

Allow the sales team at Absolute Warehouse Services of Mid-Florida, LLC help you determine the best accessories for your application needs. We will fill your request from our vast available inventory at a great price.  Here is just a few of the items we have for you.

Column Protectors
Save-T Column Protectors are the perfect solution for protecting warehouse and factory columns, posts, and beams from damage. These protectors absorb impact from forklifts, minimizing column damage, fork truck damage, and personnel damage. Saving you money in costly repair charges. Made of high-density polyethylene, these  protectors are simple to install and require no tools. Two halves attach together with easy-to-install straps. Each column protector is maintenance free, light weight, and UV protected.

Available in: Safety Yellow, High Visibility Orange, and High Visibility Lime Green

Guard Rails
Our Guard Rail Systems will help protect your company's personnel and equipment both visually and physically. Choose between our galvanized guard rail or our structural c-channel guard rail, both offer maximum durability and protection. These economical systems can be utilized indoors or outdoors.

Hand Truck
A Hand Truck provides an economical way for one person to move small heavy loads.

Pallet Jack
A Pallet Jack provides an economical way for one person to move heavy pallet loads without the use of a fork truck. The ergonomic design requires only 75 lbs. of pulling force when fully loaded. The spring loaded loop handle, automatically returns to vertical position when it is not in use. Chrome-plated hydraulic pump piston for long seal life.

Pallet Supports
There are multiple Pallet Supports available.  A small sample are pictured to the left.  

Drum Cradels are designed to safely store drums by preventing roll-off and drop-thru on beam levels.  Waterfall Crossbar are used to span the distance between beams to stabilize pallets.  And Fork Clearance Bars are used for loose loads without pallets so forks can enter under load.  Additional supports are available. Call us for what you need!

Rack Pal & Post Protectors
Rack-Pal and Rack Post Protectors are the smart choice when you need solid protection close to the ground.  They provide just the right amount of protection around individual racking posts. These easy to install, economical, durable structural steel safeguards provides you with a safer work environment that protects your people, your products and your profits!

Steel Rack Guards
Steel Rack Guards help keep items from falling and are an essential addition to your pallet rack system.  Available in stock widths from 7 to 12 feet and heights from 3 to 5 feet.  Panels are attached to pallet rack systems using spacer clips.  Heavy duty 10 gauge 1-1/2" diamond wire mesh welded to a steel angle frame encloses the rack while still providing inventory visibility.  Available in Hi Hyde Yellow finish.

Wire Decks
The PD19 brand of wire deck is the only wire deck manufactured in the USA by a pallet rack manufacturer. This means you get a wire deck engineered to fit right and meet the performance demands of professional material handlers.  Made from six gauge steel using stringent quality control procedures, PD19 is the solution for both new and existing pallet rack systems.

Numerous designs are available for a variety of capacity and application needs that cover all aspects of both manufacturing and distribution.  Installs quickly with no tools and is an excellent choice for facilities with sprinkler systems.  Meets all fire and safety regulations. Buy PD19 , the quality name in wire deck.

We have a complete selection of essential items for all your storage needs.  Please visit our
Product Catalog to view everything available or call us now @ 1-407-410-0472 and let us help you find what you are looking for.


Additional Accessories Available!

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